Mini Movie Project

Mini Movie Project—Create a movie in After Effects. The movie could be the opening credits of a fictional movie, a visual poem, or an educational infographic. Images should be incorporated into the movie, however, the focus should be the use of type and After Effects techniques. The movie should be between 1-1:30 minutes long for the animation, 1:30-2 minutes long for footage. All movies will be uploaded to Vimeo.

1. Infographic–things you would like to inform or educate your audience

Heavy in photography, creative way to show type

A History Of The Title Sequence

Heavy in Illustration, all footage can be created in Ai


2. Title Sequence—Set a mood for the movie

What kind of footage do they use? Still photography or motion footage? 

HBO’s True Detective – Main Title Sequence

What techniques do they use? Can we achieve this?


Interesting way to add your type.

Editorial Bruguera Documentary Opening Title Sequence.

All photoshop or illustration layers

Mysterious Titles

3. Music video, manifesto or Visual poem?

The Holstee Manifesto Lifecycle Video

All The Way – a Charles Bukowski poem

Student Work

Beautiful You—Majesty Christian

Lists go on…A story with a cartoon character,  an interview, a step by step How to video, an intro video for an organization…

Where can we get our footage?

Still photograph, shoot your own video (horizontal, steady tripod, high resolution, bright light), illustrations created by ai, manipulated images create by photoshop or download footage online.


W 4/8—Assign Project, any ideas?

M 4/13—Creative Brief/idea is due, prepare footage;

W 4/15—Work in class, all footage is ready to go;

M 4/20—Group 1 consultation, 1/3 movie is edited;

W 4/22—Group 2 consultation, 2/3 movie is edited;

M 4/27—Group 1 consultation

W 4/29—Group 2 consultation, last day of class, all footage edited;

Final Presentation—May 4, Monday 8:30-10:30am

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