Masking and Morphing shapes in After Effects

Any problems submitting your Animated Type Poster?


  1. Masking Shapes Demo—Trkmat, Bezier Path, Parent
  2. Morphing—Shape Layer, Rotation

Work in Class:

Please Animate one of your logo—due at the end of this class, you may post it on your instagram @ me or submit via TCU Online

  1. Separate logo layers in illustrator
  2. Use anchor point/scale/position/opacity/ rotation/ mask/ morphing in AE to animate your logo
  3. Don’t forget to turn on your Sunshine *
  4. Save it for Instagram

Meeting Individually:

  1. Creative Brief
  2. App names
  3. Logo Drafts
  4. 8-10 Screen plans

Due on Monday 01/27:

  1. Finalized name and logo design
  2. 2-3 UI styles for the 1st & 2nd screens (Sketch or XD)

Project Deadlines:

  1. at least 7 screens developed for progress critique—Monday 02/03
  2. 8 screens poster (digital) Presentation—Monday 02/10
  3. poster printed and mounted is due—Wednesday 02/12
  4. DSVC submission—Friday 02/15

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