App Project

  1. Download Uber and Foursquare in the App store
  2. Discussion: Visual Design, please reflect on your journal later
  3. Weekend Reading assignment: iOS Human Interface Guidelines
  4. After Effects Recap
  5. Discussion: Uber & Foursquare
  6. Work in class today—Type animation, please keyframe position, rotation, scale, opacity and make it fun? It’s due at the end of class today.
  7. Individual consultation today—What’s your app ideas? 2-3 app ideas, be ready to show 3-5 inspirational journal entries or apps on your phone, popular apps, work sample

8. Due Wed 01/22

  • One final app idea—Design brief, app name, and logo drafts are due
  • Be ready to discuss thumbnails and plan for all 8-10 screens (Sketches on paper)
  • Logo Animation Exercise—Please bring a logo you designed to work in the next class

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