App Animation Demo

Tips on prototyping screen recording
  1. Download Kap to record your prototyping screen. Kap has the option of not showing mouse movements.
  2. Screen recording your prototype on a web browser will allow you to zoom and increase screen size.
Suggested Schedule:

W 02/12: Plan your animation and prepare additional screens needed for animation

Weekend: Prototype your App

M 02/18: Prototype is due for discussion (Use your phone if applicable) Screen recording your 1st clip.

W 02/20: work in class: Animate your 1st clip;

Weekend: Screen record and animate your 2nd clip.

M 02/25: Discussion: Introduction to your app. Screen record and animate your 3rd clip and finishing your app animation

W 02/27: Work on your intro

M 03/04: Final presentation on App animation. Journal is due for mid term.