App Poster

  • Work in class today
  • Finish touching up all 8 screens

Inspiration 1, Inspiration 2, Inspiration 3

Weekend Assignment

  • Journal entries: Post at least 5 inspirational entries on app presentation
  • Digital poster(100% complete) for presentation —due on Monday, 02/10, TCU Online
  • Printed poster—due on Wednesday, 02/12

App Poster Design Mounting Guideline:

Include app logo, slogan(less than seven words), app description (2-3 sentences) , icons, color codes, typography, procedure (step1,2,3) or features, graphic elements, background and etc

  • Include 8-10 screens
  • Use iPhone mock-ups (3D, flat, outlined or no frame)
  • Label all screens
  • 1–2 inch border
  • Flush mount on foam board, long side edge 32-36 inch*
  • Similar to original iPhone screen size *

  • Bold text: project requirements
  • *suggested guides